Thursday, November 18, 2010

PlayStation Plus 11/30/10

Who subscribes to “PlayStation Plus”? I do, myself, and I have found it to be totally worth the $50.00 a year, plus I get 3 extra months free! Or, you can choose the 3 month plan for $17.99.  IMO, PlayStation Plus pays for itself within a month, & if you didn’t enjoy the free games & content one month, wait for it, next month you will have more! Now, PlayStation has gone to bi-weekly updates to PlayStation Plus, and even some weeks they’ll throw in a lil something something, like a dynamic theme.
This next update coming November 30 will lack the “free” games, but I am personally looking forward to “Dead Nation”. PlayStation Plus Subscribers can have Dead Nation at 20% off the regular price of $14.99, which is $11.99. Not too shabby at all. Dead Nation comes from Housemarque, the developers behind Super Stardust HD! So, keep your fingers on the trigger, the Zombies aren’t done yet!
Also on the radar for PlayStation Plus 11/30
Free-            Minis-          Vector TD 
  • ·         Dead Nation 20% off regular price $14.99 = $11.99
  • ·         Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation 50% off $5.99 = $3
  • ·         Twisted Metal 2 50% off $5.99 = $3
  • ·         Blockids PS1 Import 50% off $5.99 =$3
  • ·         Dezaemon Plus PS1 Import 50% off $5.99 =$3
Free Themes
  • ·         Smoke and Mist Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
  • ·         PlayStation 15th Anniversary Dynamic Theme
             Don’t forget to check out what’s in the Plus section of the PSN store before then, because a lot of content from last month will be coming down on Nov 30th!

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