Monday, November 22, 2010

PlayStation Rewards

PlayStation Rewards is in beta now, were you invited into the program? I’m a PlayStation Plus subscriber, so like many I am in the beta trying to reach the next tier. How does it work? Supposedly it works by rewarding PlayStation’s “most loyal fans for doing what you love”.  So, when we play a new game, or buy anything from the PlayStation Network we are suppose to earn progress towards our next level. If you’ve been on the PlayStation Rewards forums, you have heard the confusion about the progress bar and when does it show progress; why hasn’t my progress bar moved at all whiles others are already at “Select” status?! Well, I’ve asked the same exact question many times in these past few weeks. It is a beta, so I’m expecting little quirks and hiccups. That’s perfectly alright. The greatest thing is that representatives from named PSRewards are listening and reading every post and even replying. I am sure this will become a really cool program, once we work through all the kinks.
Now, I wanted to talk about reaching those upper Rewards tiers. What the hell do we have to do to get some progress showing on our Rewards’ page?! I’ve been playing Medal of Honor, Fallout: New Vegas, Vanquish, HAWX 2, and Call of Duty: Black Ops, and just started playing Apache: Air Assault, bought Motorstorm 3D Rift, and the type of progress I believe that to carry has not showed up on my Rewards’ page. Do any of you gamers feel the same way; like you know you should at least be at “Select” level by now, showing off with the pretty cool avatars? I have a buddy on my friends’ list that reached “Select” this past week. Now, why he does buy almost every PSN game out there, I know for a fact that I am logged in each and every day for hours playing something or walking around HOME, but still no real progress that I can see. I read that progress shows after two weeks, so maybe I just need to be more patient. I apologize, that is not my strongest trait. Maybe, it has something simple to do with the calculations and something not totally right with the progress meter itself. PlayStation will fix that, no doubt.
I just wanted to see if I could get some of you to leave in the comments what level you are and how you feel about the PlayStation Rewards program itself. Like I said, I think it is a pretty cool program; tracking and grading us like the government aside! No, just playing…  
Leave a comment, tell what you think of the program, how is your progress going, what are you playing, and who you are. The 1st 50 individuals to comment I will randomly pick one of you to win a $20 PSN card!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Other Happenings

I’m working on something about the new PlayStation Rewards program now. Any of you that are in the beta now, post some comments about how you feel about it so far and what your progress is. Also, we’ll be running a contest next week for a $20 PSN card! Just follow me here at GameSwaggDaddy and leave a comment about who you are and what you’re playing right now. I’ll pick someone at random once I get to about 50 followers and names!
Thanks a lot for checking out my place and keep coming back!

"That Gamer Podcast"

I just want to personally thank Ben and Spence (“Biznitch”) a managing editor at That Gamer Podcast, for reading my article and liking it well enough to post on their site. Thanks a lot, guys for the support. 
Check out the site That Gamer Podcast and get your fill of gaming news.
While you’re there, check out my article: "Gamers Buy Where"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gamers Buy Where? (cont.)

Kmart! I know I know when is the last time you've been inside a Kmart, much less thought about buying a video game from there!? For me, the answer was NEVER! Until my last three (3) brand new video game purchases were made at Kmart. They offer $20 - $30 gaming coupons that can be combined with other gaming coupons! Pretty great savings for $60 titles you’re going to buy anyways! I will tell you my experience so far with Kmart, just in the past month, because honestly I had not been to one in a few years until the other day! 
I found out about Kmart's gaming deals from @KmartGamer on Twitter. The guy that runs the profile is Daniel Honigman, a great guy, and will help keep you informed of all the great deals. Follow him! A few weeks ago I went to buy Vanquish for the PS3, with that I received a $20 gaming coupon plus $30 off if I bought one of the many titles they had in a list at that same time. Well, the store did not know of any such deal, and wouldn't honor it. I did get the $20 gaming coupon, which prints out automatically with receipt. I contacted Mr. Honigman by email in the parking lot of Kmart. From that point he took care of it, quickly I may add. He had me email Josh Deane, Video Games Buyer for Sears Holdings Corporation, and 2 days later UPS brought me a $30 gift card! I went and purchased HAWX 2 for $1.50! You can't beat that, I don't care where you go to buy your games! Tuesday of this week, I went back to Kmart and purchased Apache: Air Assault for the PS3 and received a $30 off gaming coupon with my receipt. So, Gran Turismo on day one for $30- I think so-, plus I’m willing to bet that Kmart will have a great deal for that release, too.
Make sure you check out the new store to throw they’re hat in the big business of gaming, and maybe you’ll find a great deal, too.

Gamers Buy Where?

When you think about buying your next video game, which outlet comes to mind, first? 
Most gamers probably start looking on Amazon or going to GameStop. Some will go to Best Buy or maybe even Wal-Mart (if I'm already there, and see something for $19.99!) Amazon is a great spot, we don't even have to get off the couch, and the prices are pretty sweet, too. Of course, GameStop has new games for regular prices, and you can always find a used title that you may want to check out for less than $30. And buying a game for a little one, like my 4 year old son, a used game is perfect. Now, GameStop has their Power Up Rewards program, where you can earn 10-20 points per dollar spent depending on what you buy, to spend on different merchandise, download content, etc., and get discounts on used games, strategy guides, and accessories. That will cost you $14.99 year, which isn't bad, or you can opt-in for the free one, but you don't get as many "perks".  Though, Best Buy has the Rewards Zone Membership, which is free, and also the Gamers Club, in which you can earn a point per every dollar you spend. Sometimes, you can earn extra points if you buy what’s hot on their list. I buy from both, GameStop and Best Buy. The only thing about Best Buy is they don't open for midnight releases, at least where I live. GameStop does, so if it’s a big title, like Call of Duty: Black Ops that I want at midnight I'm more than likely going to GameStop, even though I do love getting Best Buy Reward Zone certificates.
I have a well kept secret that I am going to share with all of my fellow gamers because I "got nothing but love for ya'"! I honestly just found out about this awesome store that rewards gaming purchases with great discounts right there at the time of purchase! Wait for it. Wait for it!
Next posts coming very soon, so please follow for the answer.

PlayStation Plus 11/30/10

Who subscribes to “PlayStation Plus”? I do, myself, and I have found it to be totally worth the $50.00 a year, plus I get 3 extra months free! Or, you can choose the 3 month plan for $17.99.  IMO, PlayStation Plus pays for itself within a month, & if you didn’t enjoy the free games & content one month, wait for it, next month you will have more! Now, PlayStation has gone to bi-weekly updates to PlayStation Plus, and even some weeks they’ll throw in a lil something something, like a dynamic theme.
This next update coming November 30 will lack the “free” games, but I am personally looking forward to “Dead Nation”. PlayStation Plus Subscribers can have Dead Nation at 20% off the regular price of $14.99, which is $11.99. Not too shabby at all. Dead Nation comes from Housemarque, the developers behind Super Stardust HD! So, keep your fingers on the trigger, the Zombies aren’t done yet!
Also on the radar for PlayStation Plus 11/30
Free-            Minis-          Vector TD 
  • ·         Dead Nation 20% off regular price $14.99 = $11.99
  • ·         Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation 50% off $5.99 = $3
  • ·         Twisted Metal 2 50% off $5.99 = $3
  • ·         Blockids PS1 Import 50% off $5.99 =$3
  • ·         Dezaemon Plus PS1 Import 50% off $5.99 =$3
Free Themes
  • ·         Smoke and Mist Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
  • ·         PlayStation 15th Anniversary Dynamic Theme
             Don’t forget to check out what’s in the Plus section of the PSN store before then, because a lot of content from last month will be coming down on Nov 30th!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is..."

Russell, but my friends call me Rusty! Hello, I'm a 32 year old father of three boys; 14, 4, and 3! I'm a husband of seven years to my lovely wife, Tiffene. Some may know her as   If you don't, well go ahead and check her site out, tell your girlfriends about it, at least!
I love gaming! I have been holding a controller since I found my parents' Atari! Today, I'm playing the PlayStation 3, daily! I want to create a place for gamers, for dads, for everyone! To discuss all types of topics from gaming news to new electronics to gaming with kids, and pretty much anything "tech"! I'm a "geek", so be it, but a very cool geek! I will write some reviews on different games I may play, along with any new electronic toys I get. I also will be posting gaming news and thoughts that I have on technology/gaming in general. 
I hope that you can relate to some of my topics and we can learn and have fun together!  
So check back often, I'll put up game news daily, I'm sure, add to your favorites, and if you have a review or just some cool tech info you'd like to share, please  get in touch.