Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gamers Buy Where? (cont.)

Kmart! I know I know when is the last time you've been inside a Kmart, much less thought about buying a video game from there!? For me, the answer was NEVER! Until my last three (3) brand new video game purchases were made at Kmart. They offer $20 - $30 gaming coupons that can be combined with other gaming coupons! Pretty great savings for $60 titles you’re going to buy anyways! I will tell you my experience so far with Kmart, just in the past month, because honestly I had not been to one in a few years until the other day! 
I found out about Kmart's gaming deals from @KmartGamer on Twitter. The guy that runs the profile is Daniel Honigman, a great guy, and will help keep you informed of all the great deals. Follow him! A few weeks ago I went to buy Vanquish for the PS3, with that I received a $20 gaming coupon plus $30 off if I bought one of the many titles they had in a list at that same time. Well, the store did not know of any such deal, and wouldn't honor it. I did get the $20 gaming coupon, which prints out automatically with receipt. I contacted Mr. Honigman by email in the parking lot of Kmart. From that point he took care of it, quickly I may add. He had me email Josh Deane, Video Games Buyer for Sears Holdings Corporation, and 2 days later UPS brought me a $30 gift card! I went and purchased HAWX 2 for $1.50! You can't beat that, I don't care where you go to buy your games! Tuesday of this week, I went back to Kmart and purchased Apache: Air Assault for the PS3 and received a $30 off gaming coupon with my receipt. So, Gran Turismo on day one for $30- I think so-, plus I’m willing to bet that Kmart will have a great deal for that release, too.
Make sure you check out the new store to throw they’re hat in the big business of gaming, and maybe you’ll find a great deal, too.

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